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Federation in general

First Russian team

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EFSA - The European Federation of Sea Anglers.

I assume that in looking at this site you are probably an angler, and possibly a sea angler living and fishing in Europe. Even so quite possibly you may never have heard of the EFSA, and wonder who we are and what we do. Our objectives are listed in the about us page.

These may appear somewhat grand, but essentially the EFSA is an organisation aimed at enabling anglers to meet together to enjoy friendly, but keen, competition in a variety of venues, both in Europe and further afield.

Friendship in competition is something we value very highly, and it seems this is appreciated by many of our members, who return year on year to our events, even those who freely acknowledge that they are never going to be amongst the winners. Our EFSA members fish hard, but it is wonderful to see the spirit of comradeship which appears at the time of the award ceremonies, where everyone seems genuinely pleased for those who are amongst the winners.

Over the years the EFSA have developed as a Boat angling organisation aimed at bottom fishing, but now caters for Big Game, and Shore angling, running Championships in both these areas, as well as our Line Class and Boat events. All these Championships are open to all our EFSA members, and whilst fishing abroad is not cheap, we endeavour to keep costs down.

Please feel free to explore the EFSA website: www.efsa.co.uk


Dear friends ! Our Norwegian friends invited us to take part in the Lofoten...

Dear friends ! We are delighted to announce that the Russian EFSA section...
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