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22.12.2006  Multiplier reels overview

Big photo
Super high speed gearing, the Daiwa Sealine X 50SHV

Total Score: 8.83

Introduction: Daiwa Sealine-X reels have long been a popular item for both surf and offshore anglers chucking the heavy metal. These reels are known for their casting ability, power, reliability, and aggressive price...and with the introduction of the 50SHV you can now add "high speed" to the list of desirable features. The Sealine X 50SHV boasts all the proven features of the originals with new super high speed gearing capable of a blazing 6.1:1 retrieve.

Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLX50 SHV Specifications

Weight 19oz.
Gear Ratio 6.1:1
Bearings 3 BB
Line Capacity (lb/yds) 30/350, 40/310, 50/220
Additional Features Super Speed Shaft™, centrifugal casting brakes, Waterproof high-performance felt and stainless steel drag, Marine bronze and stainless steel gears - ultra tough and precision cut, 3-D dynamic balanced aluminum handle, Rod clamp included.

Impressions: Daiwa's SealineX reels are prevalent among saltwater anglers, and the number one reason is simply due to the excellent value this reel offers. The SealineX reels deliver plenty of performance for only 135 dollars, and actually excels in a number of categories, delivering performance well above what you would expect from a sub 150 dollar offshore reel. I've had experience with the powerful SL-X40HV which is equipped with a 4.9:1 ratio, but the new super fast gearing that the SealineX 50SHV offered definitely had me keyed up. Here was a reel with plenty of line capacity, the pedigree of excellent casters, and a super fast retrieve rate that made it ideal for tossing Wahoo bombs or ripping plugs for Stripers.

Materials: The SealineX's body as we know it has been around for years. This lightweight reel weighs only 19.0oz, which is very light for a reel of this size and capacity. The composite frame and sideplates are all reinforced with aluminum, and all critical areas are shielded with metal. This combination is corrosion resistant, and able to withstand direct contact with saltwater. Which is one of the reasons why this series of reels has become so fashionable among surf anglers on both coasts. The spool on the SealineX 50SHV is a completely anodized high tensile aluminum, which is both very corrosion resistant and exceptionally light in weight.

The Field Test: Unfortunately we were not able to test the SealineX 50SHV for Wahoo, but we were able to fish the reel in the surf as well as off the deck of our Boston Whaler targeting a variety of species ranging from Stripers to Halibut. We tested the reels casting ability when tossing big jerkbaits or Chugs for Stripers and tested the reel's trolling capabilities with a Megabait swimbait tied on at the end of the line when pursuing Bay residing Flounder and Butts. In addition we even stress tested the reel against some of the invading Humboldt Squid.

Complete Testing Rig for Sealine Tournament SLX50 SHV Field Tests

Rod GLoomis SWR84 Saltwater Series
Reel Daiwa SealineX 50SHV
Line 30 lb. Trilene Big Game Clear

Casting/Trolling: Fishing for stripers in the surf takes fortitude, not only does your body need to stand up to the pounding surf, but your reel also must face an onslaught from the elements in the form of salt and sand. It is frustrating casting with a reel that is not capable of putting enough distance between you and your lure, as your bait simply goes slack as your lure gets caught up in the wash. Luckily for us the SealineX 50SHV was a superb caster, both in terms of ease of use and sheer distance and control. The best way to describe casting the SealineX 50SHV is that this reel feels just like an oversized baitcaster. Casting distance with 30lb line is phenomenal. The shaft completely separates the gear train from the spool on the outcast, reducing friction to a minimum. Like a baitcaster the SealineX 50SHV does have centrifugal casting brakes, but to adjust these you must remove 4 screws on the left sideplate and pull out the spool. On the plus side this reduces the chance that any contaminates can enter the guts of the reel, but on the downside you cannot adjust your brakes in the field. It is unlikely you will want to modify your brake settings in the field however, and the free spool adjustment knob can adjust the spool tension so the spool stops without overrun. Targeting stripers with this reel is made easy as the staggering casting distance allows you to stand further back, away from the crashing waves.

When fishing off our Boston Whaler we tested the reel fishing large swimming jigs for stripers as well as trolling swimbaits for Flounders and Halibut. The reel has an anodized aluminum frame guard which helps prevent the line from taking any damage when it goes slack, this is a very nice feature when you are releasing line to troll or drift fish. When trolling you can engage the click function which will generate a loud audible click warning when line is drawn.

Retrieving: When a striper is on the end of the line the SealineX 50SHV demonstrates exactly why it is good to have both speed and power. While the reel doesn't feel as powerful as the lower speed 4.9:1 SLX50HV it is noticeably faster. The reel can easily catch up with just about any fast running fish with just a brisk turn of the handle. The reel comes loaded with bronze and stainless steel gears and three stainless steel bearings. We were surprised how smooth the SealineX 50SHV was for just a 3 bearing reel. The reel feels fluid on the retrieve and you know exactly how fast you are going by a small and constant audible click, which sounds quite similar to the Penn 320 actually. The reel feels solid on any rod during the retrieve because you can bolt the SealineX 50SHV down for additional security with the included rod clamp.

A well sealed sideplate prevents contaminates from entering the inner reel components

Power: The price you pay for a higher speed is reduced power, you hardly notice this with the SealineX 50SHV however, unless you are hauling heavy weight vertically. For example, we did not notice a reduction of power when fishing for stripers but we could feel a difference when we were trying to haul in a Humboldt Squid from 80 feet below. The 30+ pound squid was so heavy we had trouble even turning the handle so we quickly switched out to the much more robust Sealine SLT. If you are targeting fish like Salmon, Stripers, Wahoo, and Halibut the SealineX 50SHV is a good match for the application.

Drag: The SealineX 50SHV is cool under pressure, literally. We tested the drag on a line spooler and found the drag to remain shockingly cool in temperature even after a extended simulated run. An oversized six-element drag complete with Teflon impregnated felt and stainless steel discs makes for one heck of a drag sandwich. When tested for maximum drag resistance the SealineX 50SHV was capable of delivering 17.2lbs of maximum drag counter pressure. During our field tests we found the drag to be smooth and reliable. A nice touch would have been an aluminum drag star but we really can't complain considering the cost of this reel. The fact that the drag star had a clicking mechanism was a big plus.

An included proprietary rod clamp eliminates wobble when fishing big fish

Durability/Maintenance: Under pressure the reel doesn't exhibit much flex at all, a testament to the well reinforced body. In terms of overall durability the SealineX 50SHV gets good marks. The reel is well sealed and very few particles entered the reel after multiple trips, none of which successfully penetrated the inner gearing. After each use a damp cloth to remove any salt residue from the reel, and then use a dry cloth to remove any water spotting. You will only need to lubricate the SealineX 50SHV once a season under normal use. Lubrication consists of a drop of light oil on the spool ball bearings and shaft ends, handle knob shaft, and clutch lever bushing.

This reel can be used for a wide range of fish ranging from Stripers and Wahoo to Rockfish and Halibut

Price: Lets get down to it...is the SealineX 50SHV worth the 135 dollars you will have to shell out to own one? If you are a surf angler or fish for fast running species like Wahoo or Stripers then the answer is a resounding yes. If you require more power and speed is not a priority then you can opt for a standard SealineX HV reel, which offers the same bearing count and relative weight with a slower retrieve. There are not many reels at this price point that have a proven track record like the SealineX 50SHV, and the new high speed models help breathe new life into the mature lineup. If you absolutely must have a metal bodied reel you can step up to a Daiwa Saltist which ranges in price from 169.99 to 189.99. But for a sub 140 dollar reel the SealineX 50SHV is a downright excellent value.

Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLX50 SHV Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality For a composite reel the SealineX showcases fantastic construction throughout. The quality of aluminum reinforcement makes this reel superior to many graphite reels on the market. 9
Performance This reel can cast! Casting on this reel feels as effortless as tossing a swimbait with a baitcaster. The separating spool on the SealineX actually feels trademark Daiwa 9.5
Price At a MSRP of 134.99 this reel is a downright value. You won't break the bank fishing this one, or feel too bad when you subject it to the elements 9.5
Features In terms of features the SealineX 50SHV is near identical to its proven siblings. The real feature on this reel is simply the new high speed gearing 8
Design (Ergonomics) The reel is designed well and the only thing we wish for is a matching gold drag star in place of the composite one, but overall ergonomics are top notch 9
Application Fishing from shore or from the boat the SealineX feels right at home. Just don't try hefting anything too heavy in weight as you will do better with one of the slower more powerful reels 8
Total Score 8.83

Pluses and Minuses:

Plus Minus

Excellent proven design You sacrifice some power for speed
Blazing speed in a saltwater reel Would love an aluminum drag star
Casts like a champ!
Surprisingly smooth retrieve
Excellent drag performance
Outstanding price

Conclusion: Whether it is fresh or salt Daiwa continues to build some of the very best products out there. The SealineX 50SHV may not be the newest reel on the block, but it has staked out a place for itself, proving that you can deliver a balance of speed and power with a price point that is well within reach of all anglers. When surf fishing one of the last things I want to worry about is getting grit into a very expensive reel and having to deal with constant cleanings. The SealineX 50SHV is designed for this very application, and is affordable enough that you won't find yourself despondent should you repeatedly submerge the reel in sand churning surf. For just over a hundred dollars the SealineX 50SHV is a reel that should be high up on the list of any angler that braves the surf for Stripers or enjoys tossing bombs for Wahoo.

Daiwa Saltist

Daiwa Saltist STT50 (24,3 Oz. - 680 g.) - $189.99

Big photo
To withstand the heavy loads put upon compact saltwater reels by today's super lines, Saltist reels feature all-metal construction, starting with a rigid aluminum alloy frame and side plates. The combination of rigid drive train support and gear ratio give the reels a serious advantage in both torque and speed. They not only pull in over a yard of line with every handle turn, winding power is up to 30% greater than similar reels. Four ball bearings and a roller bearing add efficiency to the drive train support, with Daiwa's special CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings supporting the spool. The CRBB bearings are said to last up to 12 times longer in a saltwater environment than ordinary stainless steel ball bearings.

Further refinements to handle the extra strength of the braided lines include a dual anti-reverse mechanism that combines both infinite anti-reverse and a multi-stop system for even greater reliability. The drag is also beefed up, combining stainless and grease impregnated fiber washers in a wet system that delivers up to 22% greater drag max than similar reels.

Saltist Features:

* Rugged, all-metal construction with rigid, one-piece aluminum frame. * Total of 4 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing. * CRBB shielded Corrosion Resistant Ball bearings on the spool. * Powerful, high strength alloy gears. * Up to 30% greater winding power. * Super Drag with up to 22 pounds of drag max. * Dual Anti-Reverse Systems. * Dual position power handle. * Aluminum reel clamp. * Full metal construction. Virtually all components are metal for maximum reliability. * Up to 22% Greater Drag Max! Stainless and grease impregnated fiber washers offer super-smooth drag with up to a 22% greater drag max than similar reels. * Up to 30% more winding Power! Saltist gears are machined from Daiwa's exclusive, high strength alloy stock for a perfect match of strength and smooth feel. With a powerful ratio and rigid support, they deliver up to 30% more winding power than similar reels.

Line Capacity (lbs/yds): Monofilament - 30/350 40/310 50/220 Braided - 40/840 50/630

Daiwa Saltist Reel Features
Introducing Daiwa's new Saltist with the features and rugged "Full-Metal Jacket" construction demanded by today's ultra strong braided lines and mono.

Saltist Features:

Super Drag with up to 22 pounds of drag max.

Model Gear Ratio Weight (oz.) Mono Capacity (lb test/yards) Braided Capacity (lb test/yards) Price
STT30T Dual 4.9:1 22.9 20/300, 25/240, 30/200 40/600, 50/360 $169.99
STT50T Dual 4.9:1 24.3 30/350, 40/310, 50/220 40/840, 50/630 $189.99

Introduction: Daiwa's new baitcasters are so popular with freshwater anglers they are backordered all across the US, but offshore anglers can rest assured that they haven't forgotten about their saltwater customers. Introducing the Daiwa Saltist, a very exciting new reel that is designed to deliver a new level of performance at the sub 200 dollar price point. While the Saltist is well within the reach of most anglers, this is by no means a stripped down reel. Quite the contrary in fact, the Saltist features "Full-Metal Jacket" construction and manages to pack in performance enhancing features not usually seen in reels costing up to 30% more!

Introducing Daiwa's new Saltist....which certainly looks like the little brother of the award winning Saltiga

Full Metal Jacket: The Daiwa Saltist is instantly recognizable, as it bears a striking resemblance to the award winning Daiwa Saltiga. This younger sibling of the ultra refined Saltiga may not be completely machined, but it does feature a full metal construction. Virtually all components are metal for maximum reliability. Most competitor reels at this price point are chock full of graphite components. Like the Saltiga, the Saltist is built to handle ultra-strong braided lines in addition to traditional mono. To eliminate body flex the frame and sideplates are all constructed of rigid aluminum alloy. The Saltist bears a 4.9:1 gear ratio and is capable of pulling in over a yard of line with every handle turn, winding power is actually up to 30% greater than similar reels. Four ball bearings and a roller bearing add efficiency to the drive train support, with Daiwa’s special CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings supporting the spool.

Machined Gears: The Saltist main gears are machined from Daiwa's exclusive high strength alloy stock. These gears have very tight tolerances for extra high strength and a smooth retrieve feel. With a powerful ratio and rigid frame support the Saltist should deliver exceptional winding power right out of the box.

No graphite sideplates, the frame and every plate is built from high grade aluminum

Drag: The Saltist features a similar drag system as the Saltiga with stainless and grease impregnated fiber washers that offer super-smooth drag pressure up to 22% greater than the max drag of competitor reels of the same size. The secret rests in the wet drag system, which effectively combats performance robbing heat while maintaining maximum contact with each disc's surface.

The oversized power grip found on the Saltiga finds its way to the Saltist

Ergonomics: Bottom line, if you like the Saltiga's ergonomics you will like the Saltist. Basic layout is very similar, and the "Full Metal Jacket" construction delivers a refined yet rugged feel. The same ergonomic handle we liked on the Saltiga has also made its way onto the Saltist. For added security the reel comes with an aluminum rod clamp.

Conclusion: There will be three Saltist models landing at local tackle shops any day now. These are the STT30T, STT40, and STT50 which are priced at $169.99, $179.99, and $189.99 respectively. Daiwa's Saltiga is a work of art, but the premium price of the reel has kept some anglers "wishing" rather than "fishing" with the fine product. With the introduction of the Saltist everyone will be able to enjoy Daiwa quality, ergonomics, and performance at an excellent price point well below the 200 dollar mark! While many competitors offer Saltwater reels with graphite components Daiwa bucks the trend with an all metal construction, quality wet drag, and superior machined gears. While we are still scratching our heads trying to figure out exactly how Daiwa managed to squeeze so much reel into such a low price tag, offshore anglers are sure to take pleasure in the amazing value that the Saltist represents. While our field tests will ultimately deliver the final verdict, its certainly hard to deny that on paper the Saltist has "Best Value" written all over it.


SHIMANO TEKOTA 800Gear Ratio 4.2:1Line Capacity 370/40  (m/Lb) Weight 29.8  (830 g.)PRICE: $179.99

Big photo
The new Shimano Tekota (levelwind) reel represents a durable, high-speed reel that casts well and has been designed for years of comfort and ease of use.

The Tekota levelwind reels are the end result of research, feedback, and time spent on the water. It is definitely evident when you look at what the new Tekota family offers.

Tekota reels give anglers comfort, durability, and features that make fishing adventures easy and more enjoyable. The Tekota line of reels are engineered for the long run with a die-cast frame, sturdy power handle with Septon* grip, oversized clicker and cross-bar forward design for easy access to the spool.

High Speed 4.2:1 Gear Ratio
Super Stopper Anti-Reverse Plus Backup Anti-Reverse Pawl
Die-Cast Aluminum Frame
Precision "click" star Drag
Oversized Clicker Button For Ease Of Use
3 stainless steel ARB bearings, 1 stainless ARB roller bearing, 29.8 ounces weight, line capacity: 25(530) 30(450) 40(370) lb(yds)

D.A.M. Quick Power Champion LDL

D.A.M. Quick Power Champion LDL

Big photo
For a long time multiplier reels have been used as a matter of course in saltwater fishing for marlin, shark and cod. They are gaining now also more and more acceptance amongst freshwater anglers who are fishing for pike and catfish. Thanks to their advanced functional design and their highly detailed features, these reels are easy to handle - even for beginners. Greatest importance is attached to reliability and precision to make our multiplier reels fit for dealing with all tough aspects of angling for big fish. The ergonomic, design-awarded reel housing made from carbon compound materials is corrosion and shock-resistant for saltwater use. Instead of a complicated multistep gear system, these reels feature the S.P.S. (SPEED POWER SYSTEM) for most effective, instantly variable adjustment of the crank and alteration of speed when retrieving. Long crank arm for maximum power transmission. Short crank arm for maximum line retrieval speed.

Model Weight Gear ratio Line capacity

LDL 415 570 g 1:4,2 64 cm 0,45/300 • 0,50/250
LDL 430 620 g 1:4,2 71 cm 0,50/350 • 0,60/220
LDL 431 LH* 620 g 1:4,2 71 cm 0,50/350 • 0,60/220
LDL 450 770 g 1:4,2 88 cm 0,55/400 • 0,60/320

Abu GarciaAmbassadeur® Big Game Reels

BG10000 Price:$139.95

Big photo
For big water fishing, look no further than Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Big Game series baitcast reels. Great for both Great Lakes and saltwater fishing.Big Game Series Features2 stainless steel ball bearings Aluminum frame and spool High speed 5.3:1 gear ratio in 7000, 7001and 7000N Strong 4.2:1 gear ratio in 9000 and 10000 Line out alarm Double anti-reverse pawls and lever release in 9000 and 10000

Penn Level Wind Series

Penn LD 330

Big photo
GT Level Wind Fished by anglers and charter boat captains worldwide, Penn GT Level Wind reels are perhaps the most versatile series of reels on the planet. From inshore bottom-fishing to offshore waters; from deep water wrecks to trolling Salmon off the Columbia River, GT Levelwind reels have seen and done it all.In a verbal testament to the performance of the GT Levelwind Series, a consumer fishing the distant waters of the Jersey Shore reported a 6-plus hour fight with an oversized Bluefin Tuna on a Penn 320LD.GT Level Wind reels feature an easy to operate star drag, with the exception of the 320LD, which utilizes a lever drag, a popular choice among anglers trolling or live-bait fishing.- Lightweight Graphite Frame- Black-Anodized Spool- Manganese-Bronze Main Gear- Stainless Steel Pinion- Four Aircraft-Grade, Sealed, Stainless Steel Ball BearingsModel Line Capacity. Yds./Lb. Gear Ratio Weight Oz
320LD 320/20 Mono 4.3-1 21
330LD 325/30 Mono 3.7-1 27

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Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLX50 SHV - the high speed 6.1:1 ratio reel