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All parts » The World Cod Championship & Lofoten Cup (31 March - 1 April 2006)

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Lofoten Islands, Norway - icy mountains and frozen lakes welcomed us on arrival Hello Lofotens, we came to win ! The last jump from Bodo we took with Wideroe flight to Svolvaer on the Lofoten islands
Rorbuferrie angling camp and impressive collection of fishing awards of its owner Artnstein Larsen The angling cat is calling all fisherman outside, its time to GO FISHING ! The signs of the event were seen averywhere in the small towns of Svolvaer and Kabelveg
The rods, reels and lines were quickly covered by ice The fishing geer was frozen all over as well as some anglers The Rorbuferrie boats were good for 4 to 5 anglers comfortable fishing
There is a fish downthere ! The first blood ! The cods were getting bigger

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Dear friends ! Our Norwegian friends invited us to take part in the Lofoten...

Dear friends ! We are delighted to announce that the Russian EFSA section...
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Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLX50 SHV - the high speed 6.1:1 ratio reel